WS-JDBC is a client/server JDBC Driver, where the server part is implemented as Web services. This means the custom client JDBC Driver can call the services remotely, from anywhere on the Internet.

The Web services are implemented as Servlets, running on the Apache Tomcat container and using the SOAP framework AXIS (also from the Apache Software Foundation) to allow remote clients to communicate with the Web services.

The server side API consists of 5 Web services, which all are inherently server-close:


Each of these Web services are called transparently by client-side classes, which together with a number of additional classes ― that are returned by server-side methods (operations in the Web services lingo) ― form the full JDBC API. This client JAR is called a Driver, and the WS-JDBC Driver behaves exactly like a normal JDBC Driver, with these important differences:

   - To begin with, a server hosting the WS-JDBC Web services must be configured:
      System.setProperty("wsdbc.server", "");

   - Underlying Drivers (configured and installed on the server side) must be registered by name:
      new net.sourceforge.ws_jdbc.jdbc.Driver("net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver");

   - The custom DriverManager must be used explicitly::
      Driver theDriver=net.sourceforge.ws_jdbc.jdbc.DriverManager.getDriver(url);

More will follow soon...

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